February 10, 2017

In January of this year Continental Coatings launched a marketing campaign to promote its Supra Polyester extreme coating products to the metal/garage door sector throughout North America.

The company kicked off the campaign at Dasma’s 2017 Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona with its primary message focusing on how the technology behind Supra Polyester has been engineered for “extreme environment garage, roll-up and entry door applications.”  Supra Polyester offers superior U.V. resistance, IR radiation reflectance and energy performance ratings.  According to Geoff Holzrichter (Continental Coating’s Vice President) “Our Supra Polyester is the best application for metal surfaces with unmatched performance in long term extreme weather and harsh environments.”

The campaign features graphics and messaging that depict how metal doors coated with Supra Polyester would perform in extreme environments such as on Mars or the moon (“When it comes to Garage Door coatings, Astronauts trust only the best.”).