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Continental supplies a very wide range of conventional and environmentally responsible custom formulated General Industrial coatings to a diverse group of manufacturers from construction products and drums, to electronics and aerospace. Major product lines currently supplied include: 

5390 Series
L. P. Urethane
A two component, aliphatic polyurethane system designed to offer the optimum corrosion protection when applied over recommended primers. It produces an extremely hard (wet look tile-like finish) and exhibits excellent resistance to weathering, abrasion, fume and spillage of a wide range of chemicals. It is recommended for aircraft, buses, trucks, storage tanks, offshore equipment, etc. It is also available in both conventional and low V.O.C. formulations.
5395 Series
An extremely tough and durable two-part epoxy system that offers good adhesion and excellent chemical and abrasion resistance designed for metal, concrete, and wood surfaces. It is recommended for use as a heavy-duty floor coating. Coating for machinery, manufacturing equipment and surfaces exposed to fumes and spillage of acids, alkalis and other chemicals and solvents.
5200 Series
High Solid
Baking Enamel
Low V.0.C. high solids, high quality baking enamel provides a hard, smooth, durable finish which is highly resistant to corrosion and wear.  It is widely used by equipment and tool manufacturers. It is available in a variety of colors.
5704 Series
High Heat Resistance
Designed for maximum performance within a full range of high temperature conditions up to l600 °F. It is recommended for use on boiler fronts, incinerators. Breechings, lighting fixtures, mufflers, etc. where surfaces are subject to elevated temperatures and rust-producing conditions. They are available in both low V.O.C. and conventional formulations.
5083 series
Water Base
A high quality water borne industrial enamel designed for product finish and general maintenance. It is extremely fast drying at room temperature and has excellent adhesion to various substrates. It is a non-polluting, non-flammable coating for general industrial applications.
L-77O Series
Vinyl Finish
A vinyl Chloride-base formulation that combines the qualities of adhesion flexibility and chemical resistance. It is used extensively in the finishing of the interior of airplanes, instrument panels, etc.
5000 Series
Industrial Enamel
Fast drying synthetic enamel for steel drums, machinery, heavy equipment, trucks, piping in plants and warehouses. etc. Excellent resistance to grease, oil and rust Available in both conventional and low V.O.C.  formulations.
6682 Series Plastic Finish
Continental 6682 series plastic finishes are designed for application on various plastic substrates where good adhesion and mechanical properties are complimented by excellent thermal stability and abrasion resistance these high performance coatings provide excellent flexibility and smoothness. They are recommended for finishing TV cabinets, computers, cell phones and aircraft parts etc. Where application ease. Durability and cost effectiveness are required.

7000 Series


Polyester Spray Extrusion Coating     7000 Series coatings are polyester liquid coatings design for electrostatic spray application to aluminum extrusion. Super Durable, Commodity, Flex and custom systems are available meeting the required AAMA specifications.
8700 Series
Hybrid Power Coating
Continental 8700 Series Epoxy-Polyester Hybrid Power Coating are designed for applications where a combination of good mechanical properties is complimented by excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. These high performance coatings provide excellent flexibility and smoothness. They are recommended for interior service where application ease, durability and cost effectiveness are required.
8701 Series
Polyester Power Coating
Continental 8701 Series Polyester Power coating are designed for application where superior weathering and ultra-violet resistance are required. The 8701 Series offers excellent chemical and mechanical properties for exterior applications. Typical applications are outdoor furniture, metal doors, garden equipment, exterior light components, aluminum extrusions. The 8701 Series can be used for both exterior and interior application.




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