Heavy Duty Maintenance

Epoxy and Epoxy Glass Flake Coatings

Offers superior protection of steel structures, pipes, steel framing, bridges, chemical tanks and processing equipment.

Polyurethane (PU) Coatings

Used for primer and topcoat end use in single and two package formulations for long term protection on FRP, wood, and metal products. Key end uses also include bridges, refineries, pipe lines, marine applications, heavy duty equipment, oil refineries and power stations.

Zinc Rich Primers

High performance Zinc Rich primers provide exceptional anti-corrosion performance for steel structures in coastal environments, ships, bridges, petro chemical plants, and also thermal and nuclear power plants.

High Temperature Inorganic Coatings

For the corrosion and high temperature (1200 F) protection of metal structures and steel pipes, process equipment, steam and hot oil pipes, ovens, boilers, and exhaust chimneys and stacks.

Heavy Duty Maintenance Coatings

Continental Coatings manufactures, markets, and distributes a wide range of Heavy Duty Maintenance Coatings for industrial manufacturing operations including process piping and tankage, and steel structures. Yung Chi Rainbow products are frequently specified for extensive Global projects and continuing maintenance for large scale industrial complexes. These include petroleum refineries, chemical processing plants, paper/pulp factories and power plants.

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